A Believer is Never Satisfied

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By Amina Khursheed

This is Issue no. 25, dated 25th December 2009. The title story is, "Is the story ended?" by Sara Manzoor. The Contents Page contains many well-known names. "Let's Learn Arabic (Lesson 3)" by Umm Sa'ad, "Our New Generation" by Sidra Sohail Hingora, "Uncivilized" by Salma Manzoor, "The Innocent Victim" by Amina Irfan Ahmed and many others.

Here's another issue in front of me. Issue no. 34, dated 25th February, 2011. "Boycott" by Haider Butt, "Real Success" by Suphia Qazi, "The Reality of Love of Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم " by Abdul Rauf Larolai, "The Righteous Beggar" by Muhammad Taihami Tariq. And this is the latest issue i.e. of April, 2013. I can't find any one of the above-mentioned names in it. Sigh! Where have you all gone? Wait! I just remembered a strange story.

Once, a king wanted to build a splendid castle. He gave large amounts of money to the builders and at last they made a beautiful, huge castle for their king. The king then announced, "Everyone who comes and lives in this castle will get a handsome reward from the kingdom. The only thing he has to do is clean and dust his own room so that the castle remains clean and shining." As this was a very easy offer, many people rushed to the castle and started living there, enjoying a beautiful life and getting pretty rewards.

But after some time they started leaving that ideal place and going back to their old homes. The King was very upset. He offered them further rewards, told them the advantages of living in the castle but all in vain. Yet there were some wise men who never left the castle and always did their little jobs and got valuable prizes. But the king was very sad.

Do you think the people who left the castle and returned to their old homes were wise? They had to do only a simple job which would hardly take an hour or two and in return, they got splendid rewards.

Why did you leave the castle of THE TRUTH and stop writing stories Sara Manzoor, Haider Butt, Taihami Tariq, Ghania Maqsood, Hiba Bawany, Sara Pirzada, Umm Adam and others? Why did you forget about your ajr in this world and in Akhirah as well? There are many new (and exceptional) writers in The Truth now-a-days and there is no lack of stories but old readers like me miss my friends. 

Once I sent a story to THE TRUTH and a message to the very polite and kind, Maulana Ismaeel. "Every time I send a story to the magazine, I feel as if my life's great mission has been accomplished. Is this feeling true? Should I feel like that?" He replied, "Yes, your feelings are true!" But when I cannot write or send a story, I really feel I have become empty inside and there's no reason for my breathing and living on this earth.

While going through Issue 34, I read a Hadith which says, "Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri رضی للہ عنہ reported, "Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم said, 'A believer is never satisfied doing good until he reaches Jannah." (At-Tirmidhi). Do all the old writers feel satisfied that they have spread the message of Allah and His last prophet Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم to the best of their abilities and they can do so no more? Truly, they should not.

Whenever I ask my sisters to write a story per week, they say, "Oh! I am so busy in my exams. I don't have the time." But what I really feel is that writing a story and sending it is an exam too. Why don't we try to pass this exam? The reward of passing far greater than that of worldly exams. That is… the happiness and smile of our kind Creator Allah Ta'ala on the Day of Judgment!

When I sit down to write a story Shaytan comes and sits near me reminding me again and again of the many tasks I have to do. He does in my prayers too. So, I thought that writing a story must be a good deed too as Shaytan never wants me to write and spread Allah's message to the readers of our magazine. But I defeat him. I write and write because I know writing is a deed which could lead me toward Allah's happiness, towards Jannah.

So, never lose heart, start writing and keep sending… more and more stories as much as you can only if you want to make your Kind and Loving Lord happy and glad! May you get a huge reward for your efforts! Aameen.