How to be Happy

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By: Quratul-ain Mughal, Mirpurkhas

Happiness, this word contains only ten letters but it has greatest value. There is no one in the world who doesn’t want to be happy. Of course they want, but how?

In some excuses, some people have habit to be worry for nothing. They are not thankful for the things they have. They neither get happiness themselves nor let others to be happy. If they desired to achieve anything, and by the blessing of Allah they get it but instead of being thankful, they start looking for another things. In this case how can they be contented? This is not a good matter. As a Muslim we should keep on thinking Allah subhanahu-wa-ta’ala for all He has given us. We should not be jealous to see other’s (in which our relatives or friends may be included) blue colour jobs, their ranks, their living standard etc. and we think that why don’t we have all of this. Never think like this. Always think positive and by joyous with others glee.

Keep smile in lips and give a smiley look to your parents which will be the cause of Allah’s pleasure, too.

People also like smiley faces, and even if our servant /maid has to say something, he/she may say without any hesitation because of our smiley faces.

Here are some tips for happiness and relaxation:

• Don’t believe everything you hear.

• Don’t do everything you want to do.

• Don’t’ use all you have.

• Don’t tell all you know.

• Don’t buy everything you see.

And Insha Allah you will always be relaxed.