Goodness Never Fails

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Mrs. Shafqat Zaheer, Gujranwala

Queen Zubaida was the wife of caliph Haroon-ur-Rasheed. She was used to take interest in state’s affairs. She was very famous due to her good behaviour.
There was a canal which was built for common welfare under her instructions. It was very useful for public. After her death one day her friend was passed by that canal. She thought “Allah Subhanahu-wa-ta’ala would forgive for her this good deed, because everyone is getting benefit from this canal. One that nigh she saw the Queen in her dream. She told her, “Allah Subhanahu-wa-ta’ala forgave me not for the canal because it was built with the money of poor people. Allah Subhanahu-wa-ta’ala forgave me due to my very minor practise. One I was in my garden and I heard the voice of Adhan so I took my scarf on my head.”
Dear friends Allah Subhanahu-wa-ta’ala never waste the reward of our very little goodness. We should take care of our little good deeds. Because our Holy Prophet Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam says:
“Our deed depends upon our intentions.”
If our intentions are right then our little deeds will be fruitful. If our intentions are wrong then our huge big deeds will be of no use.