The World of Angels

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By: Bint Ahmad, UK

1) If you spend the Night of Power (Laylatul Qadr) during Ramadhaan in worship, the angels go to the Heavens and mention you to Allaah azza wa jal who then becomes pleased with you?

2) If you make plenty of dhikr and recite a lot of Qur’aan in your spare time, the angels fold their wings around you all the way up to the lowest heaven?

3) If you teach people, like your little sisters and brothers good things then the angels pray for forgiveness for you? Even the fish in the sea and the ants in the rocks pray for you!

4) If you seek useful knowledge the angels spread their wings around you out of happiness that you are pleasing Allaah and trying to become closer to Him?

5) If you walk to the masjid and remain in it for a while, the angels ask Allaah to shower His blessings, mercy and protection on you?  

6) If you pray in the first row when you go to the masjid then you are praying in the row of the angels because they also pray here? 

7) If you send salaams upon the Prophet (sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam), the angels send salaams upon you?

8) If you give some of your pocket money into charity, the angels ask Allaah to refund you? That is, they ask Allaah to give you something back as a reward for your kindness!

9) If you visit a sick person at home or at the hospital, 1000 angels pray for blessings for you?

10) If you go to Jumu’ah early, the angels stand at the door of the masjid and write down the names of the first to enter? This record is then mentioned to Allaah subhanahu wa ta’ala! 

11) If you set off to spend a day with a good Muslim friend, the angels guard you all the way there?

12) If you make du’aa for a friend who is not with you, the angels say, “Ameen, and the same for you?” 

13) If you make wudhoo before going to sleep, the angels stay close to you all night?

14) If you become a martyr, the angels shade you with their wings?