Hazrat Molana Mufti Muhammad Hassan رحمہ اللہ

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Written by Hamna Imran Chaudhry  Jamia Ashrafia Neela Gumbad, Lahore

A well disposed, pure hearted, loyal and faithful personality is Mufti Muhammad Hassan. He was the founder of Jamia Ashrafia Lahore and was not only the greatest spiritual saint of his time but his position as a literary saint was also prominent and exalted.
Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Hassan was born in a small unknown village Malpur Sharif district Kambal Pur in 1880 (1297H). His father Molana Allah Dad was a well known religious scholar, a learned man having the knowledge of Hadees, and a pious saint of his time who stayed away from the uproar and tumult of the city and was not only busy in remembering Allah سبحانہ وتعالی but also apprised the simple villagers about religious problems in a general and easy way.
In this way, they played an important role in illuminating the hearts and minds of the villagers of that area Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Hassan and his brothers Molana Noor Muhammad, Molana Fazl Ilahi, Molwi Mueed-ud-Din and Molwi Ghulam Rabbani were the members of the same pious and virtuous house. These great personalities opened their eyes in such a neat and clean environment where everyone appeared and worshiped Allah Almighty.
Before reaching the maturity of age, the pious parents made them aware of the purpose of life and existence. He spent his childhood in a village and received his early education from his affectionate father. When he grew up, he had to go to Rawalpindi district “Sang Jani” to get education under the supervision of Qazi Muhammad Noor Sahib. After reading a few books, he went to Kambal Pur to study under the supervision of Molana Qazu Gohar-ud-Din Godwi. From there, he went to Makhad Sharif. Here he received education upto Sharah Jami and then went to Hazara, district Dheenda to study philosophy under the service of Molwi Muhammad Masoom from Dheenda he went to Amritsar to complete his education. He liked Amritsar so he started living here permanently. After sometime, he learned Tajweed from Qari Kareem Baksh under the instruction of Hazrat Molana Ashraf Ali Thanvi رحمہ اللہ. Then he left for Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband to study Hadees from Hazrat Molana Anwar Shah Kashmiri. From the very beginning his mind was inclined to mysticism. That is why, he benefited from teachers like Molana Abdul Jabbar Ghaznavi, Molana Noor Muhammad and Molana Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi during his stay in Amritsar.
The teachers themselves were known for mysticism and they helped their student a lot. Mufti Sahib used to say that I had special liking for Hamd Allah, may be because I had read two to three pages form Hazrat Peer Mehr Ali Shah Sahib Golarwi رحمہ اللہ as a benediction.
Hazrat Mufti Shahib get the leaving certificate from Dar-ul-Aloom Deoband and considered teaching of Holy Quran to be his occupation. He went back to Amritsar and started teaching with full devotion in Madrassa Nomania. No matter, whatever was the colleagues was loving and sincere. Theses qualities made him endeared to his own students and after some time his fame spread for and wide due to his good deeds, he was made the principal of the Madrassa. Under his dynamic leadership, the state of the Madrassa changed. His hard work and sincerity born fruit and people began coming from far off places. The Madrassa became famous for high standard of education.
Mufti Muhammad Hassan Sahib taught approximately for forty years and during this period thousands of students benefited from him. His way of teaching was different from others. He remained precise in his speech and never used complicated words to save people from any inconvenience. He had a literary taste and had perfect command over the language.
He told the students that real education is not what you are studying. It is just a form of education. Real education is that which makes you restless to practice it. He also said that education is light which helps you distinguish between right and wrong that light is produced by Taqwa. Therefor it is a necessity to develop Taqwa among ourselves.
Allah Almighty had blessed Mufti Sahib with many literary and practical virtues. Especially, his way of delivering lectures about the Holy Quran was prominent people who attended his lectures still remember it today. Not hundreds but thousands of people benefited from it because his way of teaching was precise easy be instilled in one’s mind.
He began giving sermons for the time in the mosque of Karah Mahan Singh after the Fajr Salah. Then he shifted to the mosque of Old Jail Khana and continued giving lectures for six years. After that, it continued for seventeen years in Masjid Noor Chamra Mandi. After the establishment of Pakistan, he started giving religious sermons in Jamia Ashrafia Neela Gumbad Lahore for ten years and it continued with extreme steadiness and constancy till the end. Many hurdles came in his way but he ignored them and worked hard with full devotion. The succession of delivering lectures starting from Karah Mahan Singh Amritsar and ending at Jamia Ashrafia Neela Gumbad encircled around a long period of thirty five years.
Hazrat Mufti Sahib reached Thana Bhoon to get homage from Hazrat Thanvi رحمہ اللہ. He again went to Sheikhul Hadees Molana Anwar Shah Kashmiri to complete this education of Hadees. Hazrat Thanvi رحمہ اللہ was in agreement with the freedom movement for the establishment of Pakistan.
Hazrat Thanvi said “I want Muslims to form and independent state where they could live according to the basic principles of Islam.” He was the leader of a party which took great part in the freedom movement Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Hassan with his other scholars voted for Muslim League. They worked hard in the days of election and Muslim League won with distinctive majority. Although Hazrat Thanvi رحمہ اللہ died in 1943 but Mufti Sahib worked for Muslim League and took great part in the freedom movement.
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