Hazrat Molana Mufti Muhammad Hassan رحمہ اللہ (Last Part)

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Written by Hamna Imran Chaudhry  Jamia Ashrafia Neela Gumbad, Lahore

After the establishment of Pakistan on 24 September 1947 Mufti Sahib laid the foundation of Jamia Ashrafia Neela Gumbad. It also became famous and many people came from far places. After a small period of six years, the Jamia denied in receiving more children so another branch was opened on Ferozepur Road of 125 Canal. It is an incident of 1953 that for the first time the foundation of the mosque was laid.
A very sad incident came in his life. After a few years, he became a dialectic patient Due to diabetes, blisters were formed on his leg. The leg became full with it and it was quite painful. The doctors advised him surgery on the day of operation, he was to be given anesthesia, but he denied taking it saying that you can operate my leg without giving me anesthesia. The doctors were amazed. After a while, the operation began. Mufti Sahib was so much busy in remembering Allah Almigthy that he did not feel pain at all. He asked the doctors to begin the operation but operation but when the doctors told him that the operation has been done he said Al Hamdu-lillah and was thankful to Allah. The doctors had never faced such an incident in their life. They were so much surprised at it.
Hazrat Mufti Sahib breathed his last on 1st June 1961. His death case a gloom over the whole Jamia. After his death, Molana Ubaid-ul-Ullah took oath as the administrator of Jamia and Hazrat Molana Abdul Rehman and Hazrat Molana Hafiz Fazal-ur-Rahim helped him in managing the affairs. Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sahib was my great grand father. Now, by the grace of Allah, my grandfather Hazrat Molana Fazal-ur-Rahim his taken oath as the administrator of Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore.