Junaid Jamshed …. A Legend No More

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Written by: Sumayyah Aisha Ghazi

I was in my Chemistry class when the teacher said something like Junaid Jamshed has died in a PIA airplane crash. As soon as we heard those unbelievable words, we were struck with shock and disbelief. Sorrow couldn't be felt yet; for all of us were taken aback by the horrifying news. In fact, many kept saying it must be a rumor, praying deep down that he'd be alive. Ignoring the quite loud murmurings from every seat, the teacher resumed the lecture but we couldn't concentrate on what she taught after that. 
The social media started filling up with the news and condolences. Hundreds of thousands of people who didn't have any relations with Junaid were found crying for him. There was this feeling inside that just didn't accept the news. Take my Dad's example, he's not the emotional kind at all and to be honest, he's not very interested in naats etc. I mean, I couldn't believe when I saw him cry. He was literally crying for this brother, with real tears in his eyes! He still listens to a naat by this brother that people keep sending on WhatsApp groups and believe me he keeps crying all the time. That really is true, when Allah is happy with a person, He makes people have respect for him and fills their hearts with unexplainable love for him. 
From the top class ulamas to our TV actors and singers, all cried for him. He had left a life of sins and dedicated himself for preaching Islam and the betterment of the Muslims all around the world, it wasn't just Pakistan. From a successful singer he transformed into a preacher of his deen. He sacrificed his fame, a profession that brought him treasures and a life that could've been called an ideal one. And he sacrificed all for Allah, for His path and he got his reward; dying in Allah's way is shahadat and getting this honour isn't that easy. He travelled around the world, met people of all cultures but he was never impressed by anyone to the extent of changing himself or his beliefs. His beard, his Pakistani attire remained the same till the day he left the world. He never left the sunnah code of dress, no matter what; this too is an amazing thing because people are often seen losing their identity when they travel, specially to foreign countries. The Western dresses and skirts on the airports of Pakistan don't need further explanation. 
One of the most-heard aspect of Junnaid Jamshed’s wonderful character was his politeness and humbleness. In all the articles people have written about him, and in all the interviews I've heard about him, people can't stop talking about the way Junaid Jamshed behaved with them. They said that meeting him for the first time made them feel like they had known him for a long time and this is what you can call a key feature of good manners. With so many people talking about his down-to-earth character and his being nice with them, he must've been loved by Allah. Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم used to say, "The most beloved to me amongst you is the one who has the best character and manners."
Now what we need to learn from this person is how important our akhlaq is. We must stop correcting people in a way that hurts them, instead, we should try to make ourselves such individuals that people would like to know what religion we practiced. We don't pay much attention to how we're behaving with people around us, whether we're being sarcastic or rude or interfering unnecessarily in their lives. Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم said, "Do you know what's better than charity, fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and good relations among people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind." (Muslim and Bukhari).
Despite good manners being said to be better that all acts of Ibadah, we don't really worry about correcting ourselves in this case. Let's try to be polite to everyone and practice an attitude which would make them love Islam. Be it our relatives, our maids, the religious, the non-religious treat them with love, care and make them feel like equivalents. Never put anybody down, because obviously we won't want anybody to do that with us, right? I sometimes wish that we’d been like the Sahaba who used to think before uttering every single word. Things wouldn't have gone wrong then. Only if, only if we would think before we speak. Think what effect our words will have on the other person. That's no philosophy, that's our deen, that's the simple, basic deen; being polite and respectful. This is the beauty of our deen which we've long forgotten. We need to stop this if we really want people to come towards deen. Remember, our sarcasm or pinpointing can never make a person love Islam, or more precisely the religious party at all. We need to gather people towards Islam, we don't go pulling them into our group, we need to be personalities who can call them without them knowing we're calling them. We need to understand the essence of Islam and we certainly need to learn the manners of preaching. Junaid Jamshed was one of the million great examples working for this cause. Love was what he gave to people, and what he got in return were people who had Allah in their hearts. Many people wrote in their posts about him and that he never made fun of people nor did he ever tell something sardonically. The always polite man is now resting in peace and has left people who'll rest in peace in the world he's left behind. We've got another example to wake up and another chance to make this world a better place. Forgiving people for all the bad they do, whenever they find sharp words to talk to us, just let it go. I know it's very difficult, I too end up crying for hours but we need to get hold of ourselves. Just remember we need not take revenge of somebody's bad behaviour with us, we need to act in a way that would please Allah and we'll see never ending showers of His blessings upon us In sha ‘Allah. 
"Be merciful to those on the earth and the one above the heavens will have mercy upon you." -Tirmidhi
Our changed behavior will, In sha ‘Allah, attract Allah's mercy towards us and attract the people towards this beautiful deen. Let's join hands to bring about this double attraction.