My Real Hero (Last Part)

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By: Suneela Iqbal

Listening to naats and recitation of the Quran gives one true peace of mind, heart and soul. A Muslim should think deeply that where he/she is going. We need to concentrate on the Quran and our actions. Junaid Jamshed wasn't content even though he had everything. He lacked peace of mind and heart so he decided to find it. Maulana Tariq Jameel played an important role in bringing him close to Allah ta’ala.
He was not a Maulana or a Hafiz or a Mufti or an Aalim...but all Mufti's and Aalims cried for him. He didn't care what the world thought of him. He only wanted to please Allah and for that he did all he could. Allah placed respect and honour in everyone's heart for towards him. Many people converted to Islam after listening to him, many Muslims followed Islam more after observing his actions and listening to his lectures. Because he was a singer before, many people were his ardent fans and when he left music and singing, some people were very shocked, some people changed as he changed and some people were neutral.
Junaid Jamshed was a true a patriot. In one of his bayans he said, “If you want to be with me, I warn you don’t say anything bad about Pakistan or Pakistanis. Okay this is how Pakistan and Pakistanis are. That's how we are. The UN says that in the whole world, Americans give the most charity and Pakistani’s are second in line. In the whole world, Pakistan has the greatest number of huffaz, greatest number of people who keep fasts and the greatest number of hujjaj. This country is a blessing of Allah.”
I was thinking that why am I so sad and upset that he’s gone? For that matter, why is everyone so sad? I’d never met him nor seen him in person then why does it even matter that he is not in this world any longer? He was not my relative that I cried so much. Why do I feel so much pain at his demise and feel like it’s a great loss for me and for the whole Muslim Ummah? What was my bond with him? Nothing. He wasn’t a relative or anything but from the point of Islam, we had a bond which is called the bond of brotherhood! Islam joined us together. That’s why millions and millions of people are sad and cried at his demise. We surely miss him and he surely will be missed…
“Everyone upon the earth will perish. And only the essence of your Lord full of Majesty and Honour shall remain forever. Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you both (jinn and men) deny?” Surah Rehman: 26-28
My heart is very sad like many other Muslims. Like other Muslims, I still cannot believe that he is no more among us. He has gone for good to meet his Rabb, Allah. No one could have ever thought that this tragic incident could happen. No one, not even Junaid Jamshed himself. Who could have thought that  ‘Main to ummati hoon’ would be his last naat? Who would have thought that he will never come back from Chitral? Who would have thought that he would not be able to meet his family and friends again? Who would have thought that 7th December would be his last day on this earth? No one.
When I hear his naat it seems like he's somewhere here, somewhere alive. Yes, a shaheed is always alive. It’s said in the Quran:
“And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah they are dead. Rather, they are alive but you perceive [it] not.” (2:154)
 All these things give me hope and sabr. One more thing that I heard gave me real peace and I'm very glad about it. Maulana Tariq Jameel said that a mutual friend who lives in England told him that he saw a dream. He saw Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم who said tell Maulana Tariq Jameel that his friend Junaid Jamshed has reached us. Allah has forgiven him and he has been given respect.” (These or similar words were said).
SubhanAllah!! What a dream! A very blessed person, no doubt. Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم saying such words for Junaid Jamshed! When I heard this dream I found uncontrollable joy within myself. I was so happy for him. His rank will surely increase, Insha’Allah. He had to get such a tremendous reward. Now all the people connected to him will be more patient, Insha'Allah.
Moreover, he was covered and buried in Pakistan's flag. Not everyone gets this chance. Only people in the Air Force or in the Army are covered and buried in a Pakistani flag but he was too. This shows how much he was respected and how much he truly loved Pakistan.
I was going through his old bayans when I read something which increased my happiness. There was a man who used to do cleaning in the graveyard in which Junaid Jamshed is now buried. He said that before his funeral, a sweet scent started to came out of his grave. Then when he was buried, the fragrance increased and it extremely aromatic and sweet. Masha'Allah! May Allah provide him with the best of rewards. Aameen.
I don't think I have the right words to confess how much I really want to be like him. He was my role model, my hero. Yes... all people like him are my heroes. Celebrities and singers are not heroes but people like Junaid Jamshed are real heroes. People admired him so much especially his behavior and manners, his ikhlaq. He was a real man, a true Muslim, a great patriot and moreover, Allah's beloved person. Ahh...why do good people leave so soon? He was only 52 but in this short time he conquered and got what all Muslims and people come for in this world. He won. He sincerely repented and why wouldn't Allah accept his repentance? He showed the world that closeness to Islam can give you respect in both the worlds. Every citizen of Pakistan is sad at his demise. Every eye is crying, every heart is sad but...what to do now? He has achieved his destination and goal. What about us? It’s not too late to repent. Let's do what he did for everyone and Allah. His bayans and lectures are still there. We can listen to them and become better Muslims. His death should not be wasted. We can learn a lot from him and we should. He's my childhood hero and will remain for as long as I live. He was the best example of 'turn to Allah before you return to Allah.'
May Allah forgive all his sins and give him endless peace and rewards. May Allah listen to all his naats from him on arsh. May Allah give everyone sabr to bear the loss. May Allah give him a place in Jannat-ul-Firdous. May people learn a lot from him and may he remain in our hearts forever. Aameen.
Dunya k aye musafir, manzil teri qabar hai
Tey ker raha hai jo tu, do din ka yeh safar hai
Do din ka yeh safar hai………