Anecdotes of Haji Imdadullah رحمہ اللہ (Part 1)

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Sent by: Umm Sa'ad


Haji Sahib never slept with his limbs spread out. A khadim once asked, "Hadhrat, why do you never stretch out your legs?" He replied, "Does anyone ever relax like that in front of the Emperor?"


Some person gave a fatwa against Haji Sahib and called him a kafir. He did not mind at all but said, "I have no need for concern if,  by the grace of Allah, I am a mo'min; and if, God forbid, I actually am a kafir, then why take offence?"


A person came to Hadhrat Haji Sahib and protested that so and so person was saying such and such about him. Haji Sahib admonished the man by saying, "He said all the things behind my back … you are more of a criminal for saying them shamelessly to my face."


Hadhrat Maulana Fateh Muhammad rahimahullah alaih was in the company of Haji Sahib and spent a while talking with him. When at last he realized how time had flied he apologized and said, "Hadhrat, I have taken up a lot of your ibadah time today." Haji Sahib exclaimed, "Maulana! Such a thing to say; is ibadah only performing salah and sawm and not having a good time with a friend?"

(Please note that a good time must also be a halal time; Ed.)


Hadhrat Haji Sahib says that his teacher Hadhrat Shah Muhammad Ishaq Sahib rahimahullah alaih emphasized the importance of four things for him:

1.   To strive for halal rizq.

2.   To think himself the worst in all creation.

3.   To meditate on the ihsaan (bounties) of Allah.

4.   Not to mix with the opposite sex (if non-mehram).


Even in his advanced years, Haji Sahib rahimahullah alaih used to spend every night of Ramadhan in performing salah and listening to the Qur'an. Hafiz Abdullah Punjabi was an elderly person who used to recite seven to eight paras from the Qur'an in taraweeh just for Haji Sahib. This consumed half the night. Then, sometimes he used to proceed to listen to the tilawah of Shaykh Hasan Arab. Then he went to Baabur Rahmah to listen to the tahajjud prayer of Hafiz AbdulHameed who used to recite five to six paras until the Fajr prayer.

One day Hadhrat was a little unwell and did not have dinner. Hafiz jee did not read as much from the Qur'an as usual. After finishing the salah, Haji Sahib asked him if he was poorly to have recited less. Hafiz jee answered it was because of Haji Sahib being unwell that he had shortened the prayer. Haji Sahib replied, "When I listen to the Quran, I can't feel any other thing. I just wish the sound of tilawah could go on and on. I never feel any sort of weakness when I am listening to it."


 A man narrates the first encounter he had with Haji Imdadullah rahimahullah alaih. He says I was a fancy free man and did not even pray the obligatory prayers. Suddenly I had the urge to go to Haji Sahib and ask him for bayt (a pledge with a sage to be guided by him in religious matters). I said to him, Hazrat I don’t have the stamina for a'maal, if you let me do as I wish, I shall accept you as my guide. But, I added, I shall not perform the obligatory prayers and shall not stop going to dance parties.  Hazrat consented but said he had a condition too, that I would do just a minimum amount of dhikr that he would tell me. So I started to do the dhikr.

 When the time for prayer came, I suddenly started itching all over. I scratched and scratched but the itch wouldn’t go away. I used many a means to get rid of it, but no luck with anything. Then I said to myself, maybe cold water will help. So I sent for some water and washed myself with it. Then I said to myself, I've washed everything, why not do masah too. As soon as I did this the itch was all but gone. Then I thought, okay, so I have done wudhu why not pray this one prayer. After all, I had not promised Haji Sahib that I wouldn't pray at all. The instant I started salah, my itch disappeared completely.

Then the time came for the next salah and the scratching started again. Once more, only wudhu and praying the salah brought relief. Then I realized that Haji Sahib had played a trick on me to make me a better person. Thereupon I was turned into a "pukka namazi" saying my prayers regularly.

After that I derided myself that since you go in Allah's court five times a day, how can you dare to visit the dancers? That was done for too.

People say about this narrator that he also started praying the non-obligatory prayers and his deeni condition went into top gear.