My Wonderful Aunt

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Written by: Cool Breeze

Whilst I may be thinking of a way to convey my message in a more presentable and milder manner she, on the contrary, delivers it frankly. With a pounding heart, I wait for the listener's answer (sure that it would be a rude one) but then her objection is welcomed, the mistake admitted with remorse by the other party and both of them part with good feelings and love on both sides. I am always surprised at this. But then it's nothing extraordinary because it's just amr bil ma'ruf wa nahi 'anil munkir. It's something ordered by Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) so how can it make the one who is doing it afraid of the consequences? Silly me!

My aunt is very bold as regards the preaching of Islamic knowledge. She tries to act upon all the rules of deen herself and not only that but she does her utmost to make others follow them too. Whenever she gets the chance, whenever she finds someone willing to listen and eager to act, she tells them the rules of Allah ta’ala which would make their life happy and worry-free. She attempts to undertake all the commandments as such and to learn the ones she does not already know. Her enthusiasm to follow deen is appreciable indeed in this era of secularism. She's particularly active in acting upon the not-so-common sunnahs of Rasulullah (Sallalahu 'alehi wasallam) and says that she will get the reward of a hundred martyrs if she succeeds in reviving even one out-of-practice sunnah. When the Azan is called she quits all her work immediately and instructs others to do so too. She tells them that whosoever listens carefully and answers the call for prayer will be rewarded the ajr of twenty lac good deeds. When she's worried about some task she offers Salat-ul-hajaatand when the task is done she offers nawafil of gratitude. She says that she started this routine after being inspired by Hazrat Rabi'a Basri who used to ask for Allah ta’ala’s help in the same manner. In her view, knowledge without action is nothing. She became more vigilant about her deeds after hearing Hazrat-e-wala Mufti Rasheed Ahmad sahib’s mawaiz on ikhlaas (sincerity). She endeavors to bring the same quality in every good deed she does. Her family members call her Muftia due to her attachment to her religion though she's not a Muftia, A'alima or Hafiza at all.

In any gathering, she openly, but kindly, stops other people from backbiting or committing any wrong act even unconsciously. She’s not afraid of what people might say but considers it her duty to stop them from inviting Allah ta’ala’s anger. She's very eager to learn a Hadees or mas-ala that comes to her knowledge but she makes sure first whether it is authentic or not. Once she asked us how to do tayammum.  We expressed our ignorance. One of us even asked her what was the need of ‘tayammum’ when we had water at hand? She replied seriously that one must know masa-il as who knows what kind of circumstances in life he might have to face. She very lovingly told us that one can only do tayammum if there is no water within a radius of one Sharaee mile (1.7 km). She showed us the way it is done too. She remains in wudhu all the time and always offers tahiyyat-ul-wudhu after making a new one. She also offers all the non-obligatory prayers and recites Durood Sharif a lot. 

She's very concerned about all the religious affairs but as regards those of this world she's not bothered at all. She entrusts her every tiny little task to her Lord and surprisingly, the outcome is far better than her expectations. She is a very loving, caring and simple woman - away from every kind of fashion and other such things in which women are mostly involved. She prefers to stay at home and finds peace in zikr and Ibaadh.

It's a great blessing to have such a nice aunt. May Allah make her more firm in following deen and make me a practicing Muslim too, Aameen!