Solution to all Problems (Poem)

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By Ahmed Hasan   Age: 12 years Al-Badar School Karachi

Lying on the floor
Can I bear more?
I think of those boys,
Who play with toys
I look at the moon
Which will be gone soon
Then will come up the sun
And I will have to run
 To the hotel of my boss
And then spread the sauce
On the pizza dough
I can’t ever say no
Cause in the end I get a penny
I think my boss has many
Then I work with the tool
But I want to go to school
At the end I have pennies five
To live my life
I don’t know where’s my mother
Nor do I know my father
I am helpless
I am called parentless
I sleep in this hotel
Where darkness is total
Who can help me?
Who can save me?
My mind flashes
Can anyone save me
from my boss’ lashes?
I forget someone kinder than my ma
He is the Almighty Allah
This night will finish at last
I should prepare my future
And forget the past
I go in sajdah and feel pleasure
Which I cannot measure
Now I don’t feel bad
I am certainly not sad
My sad feelings are gone
Now here comes the dawn
It is a bright day
But I’ve to hurry and Fajr pray
If I don’t, what will I say
To my Lord on Judgment Day?