Untitled! (Poem)

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Written by: Umm-e-Shafia

Johnny, Johnny
Wake up Johnny
It’s time for school
Johnny opens his eyes
Johnny yawns twice
Clinging with the rope of hope
Johnny puts his feet down on carpeted floor
Hearing the melodious chirping of doves
Johnny thinks of a day that he loves
Sitting in his mother's lap
Johnny enjoys the breakfast
He hears the school bus horn at last
With a goodbye hug from his mother
He goes to school with his friends, together
While walking on the road
Drifting breeze touches his cheeks
Whispering wind greets Johnny
For a beautiful day
For a peaceful way
Ahmed, Ahmed
Wake up Ahmed
It’s time to run
It’s time to hide!
Ahmed opens his eyes
Ahmed rubs his eyes twice
Hearing the sounds of firing and bombs
Ahmed tries to shout
Suddenly the window breaks
A bullet strikes in the front wall
Ahmed runs towards the main hall
From his little sister's cheeks,
Ahmed wipes the tears
It’s difficult for Ahmed to bear
The agonizing fear
Of the terrible night
The horrific noise
Of raging jets
Ahmed shouts for help
Ahmed along with his little sister
Hides beneath a broken shelf
The noise of jets is coming near
Sound of bombs does Ahmed hear
It is difficult for Ahmed to see
Ahmed wants to flee
But where to hide,
Where to flee?
The noise is increasing
The tears are flowing
The hearts are shivering
The lips are murmuring
Ah! That last sound of bomb
Deep silence
As the first rays of the sun hit
The wreckage scattered everywhere
The wind with the smell of ammunition
Mourns over the destruction
How fond Ahmed was of a shiny day
In the courtyard of his house, he used to play
The shiny ray is here to touch Ahmed's cheek
To greet Ahmed, the sun has risen from the peak
But Ahmed is now no more
Leaving a question on double-standard humanity
He has left this world, the hypocritical, the impure.