In Search of Peace (Poem)

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Written by: Aisha Tariq

When my life becomes full of pain
And all my efforts go in vain
I wish to be born once again
Become clean like washed in rain
When happiness becomes a blur
In my life remains no colour
Sorrows, sadness fill every hour
I wish to have a chance another
When the people around me start hating
When they indulge in senseless killing
Overloaded with sins, I’m left weeping
I pray to Allah who is most forgiving
At last I open the holy Quran
I see His unlimited Azmat o Shan
My heart becomes full of Eman
I remember that He is Al-Rahman
I offer Salat in the search of peace,
I feel my life is full of ease,
I find there an endless peace,
Finally all my tensions cease.
It affects my soul so very deep,
The fact that I finally believe,
Only in remembrance of Allah,
Do our hearts finally find peace.