Being Grateful (Poem)

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Written By: Fatima Sultana

My mom scolded me, I became sad
My dad criticized me, I felt so bad
I felt as if I were in the world all alone
As if in a hell of fire I was being thrown
So torn and depressed, I decided to leave
Shattered seemed my life, I was so weak
As I walked on the pavement, I saw a boy
His clothes were torn he seemed a bit coy
I asked about his parents but none had he
He was all alone, his life had no glee
Staring at the boy, I realized my worth
Of all the blessings I was given by birth
Who was more lonely, unhappy and sad?
Me with parents, or the boy who none had
I was so ungrateful, so harsh and rude
Not thanking for the home, clothes or food
Allah gave me parents and a lot to thank for
All blessings of life and siblings to adore
I cried so hard for all I had ever done
At last the battle with Shaitan I had won
I thanked Allah for all that He’d given me
For saving me from the darkness of the sea