My Lord You Alone Can See (Poem)

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By: Rabia Ghani

I am a single mother, juggling jobs to support my family
Worry and Stress in my mind, trying to be strong
I am a refugee boy, trying to flee
Terror and Fear in my heart, all twisted and swirled
I am a soldier in war, fighting in the land of tragedy
Agony and Fatigue in my limbs, desiring to be home where I belong
I am a blind man, finding my way around
Darkness and Blackness in my eyes, yearning to see in colors
I am a homeless teenager, looking for warmth from the bitter winter
Coldness and Frostiness on my face, aching for the care of the shelter
I am an addict, living in a daze, feeling drowned
Misperception and Confusion in my brain, all muddled, wanting to be discovered
My Lord, You alone can see my reality
My Lord, You alone can see my cries
My Healer, help me lift my spirituality
My Master, let my faith and imaan rise
I am a deaf girl, trying to hear with all of my might
Silence and Hurt in my soul, all hidden inside, with a smile on my face
 I am a beggar, walking on the streets under the burning sun
Thirst and Hunger in my throat and stomach, wishing for a miracle, yet thankful
I am a widow, living in a life that’s black and white  
Hope and Prayer in my thoughts, longing to be healed with grace
I am an abused wife, protecting myself from fists and bruises
Dejection and Sadness in my spirit, nevertheless walking with my head high
I am an orphan, craving for care and love
Desire and Yearning within my emotions, anticipating to be found
I am a divorcee, thinking what went wrong, coming up with excuses
Heartache and Grief in my tears, waiting for love of the right man to come by
My Lord, You alone can see my plight
My Lord, You alone can see my tears
My Creator, fill my life with Your light
My Lord banish my ever-present fears
My Lord, you alone can see my fate
My Lord, you alone can see my destiny
My Guider, guide me to the blessed path that’s straight
My Watcher, watch over me, letting me live successfully
To you, my Lord, I belong, to you, my Lord, I return