Every cloud has a Silver Lining (Poem)

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Written By: Fatima Sultana

When hindrance you face and solution is none
No place to hide, no place where you can run
When no one's on your side, you feel so alone
You become so disheartened, ready to moan
You gaze at the stars, bright in the sky
The beauty of nature, mountains so high
With tears in your eyes, with a heart tired
You wish you could have all you desired
When you fail your aim, feel such despair
You wonder why at times, life is so unfair
When you feel so lost, heading for a fall
Then not many, only one you should call
When all will leave, He will still be there
Never far from you, He is always so near
Have faith in Him, and you will perceive
The best will happen, if only you believe
Times will change, a new day will arrive
You should be hopeful, you will survive
Forget all the hurdles, ahead you must go
Every cloud has a silver lining, you know!