My Nation’s Pride (Poem)

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By: Iffah Asif Mughal  Class: 1st Year

Dedicated to the Martyrs and Ghazis of APS Peshawar

Two years ago you hurt my people, you made my nation bleed
Two years ago my parents cried, my siblings shook with grief
The injuries you caused, the tears my country shed
Emotional and physical, the lives that hung by a thread
The hearts you broke, the spirit you tried to extinguish
You smiled in pride as you saw my people cry in anguish
You thought you had won, your target you had achieved
By hurting us so badly such discord you had weaved
You were wrong
So very wrong
My people still have scars but my nation has healed
My parents are strong, my siblings they shield
They will gain their education, pens in their hands
Against you strong, defiant, together they stand
Avail the opportunity that you snatched from me
In your desperation when you started a killing spree
My brothers will avenge me, my sisters they’ll pray
Your children, unlike you, from right they won’t stray
They will know better, when we clean biased lens
We’ll replace their swords with books and pens
Arm them with weapons you could not conceive
Make sure all right things, they fight for and believe
My blood was the water, the plants will now rise
My brothers and sisters, will be my nations pride