Sincere Advice (Poem)

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By: Anonymous


Let me give you some sincere advice
I'll try to keep it simple yet precise
‘You've sinned,’ Shaitan says, 'you're doomed indeed.'
Allah says no, follow it up with a good deed.
Learn duas of Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم off the top of your head
'Fortress of a Muslim' this book must be read.
Time for fajr, where's the family? Wake them up!
Any outstanding fasts, come on, make them up!
Focus on Jannah, get some clarity
Keep on giving, invest in charity
Our imaan is our greatest treasure
Add good deeds to receive Allah's pleasure
Imaan without good deeds is a tree that’s fruitless
A good deed without imaan is a tree that is rootless
We are all part of Almighty Allah's creation
This life is a means, not the final destination
So many distractions out there, it's mind pollution
The key to paradise is prayer, key to prayer, ablution
Do a good deed, then tell it to the others
Show good character, we Muslims are brothers
Don't run after duniya, become a high flier
Aim for the next world, aim a lot higher.
Our body is from the earth, its food is from dust
Our soul is from light, don't let it rust
Our souls' food is the Quran, the final revelation
The words of our Creator, the best inspiration.
Beat the devil at his own game
Become a quran student, make this your aim.
Don't wait until you meet the soul taker
We want to be at ease when we meet our Maker
Become a better Muslim, improve day by day
And don't forget, the key to Jannah is to pray
Pray five times a day or more but not less
Allah doesn't want perfection, He wants progress
The ummah needs to unite and work together
And aim for Jannah where we'll all live forever.