In The Early Hours (Poem)

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By: Anoymous

In the serene early hours I sit alone
Alone with Allah, the Most Compassionate. 
He, the Most High descends and asks,
What is it you need?
So He may grant it, and I may be thankful. 
My heart is fertile ground
for the seed of submission.
In the early hours. 
The black canopy brightens,
and the clouds tinted pink appear on the horizon.
before the colors vanish into whiteness.
When was the period in between? 
I witness the resurrection of a new day,
An ayah of Allah.  
So I sit alone,
Alone with Allah.
To witness in awe,
and reflect in silent dhikr,
and renew my covenant with Him
As the night again becomes the day,
In the early hours.