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General Raheel Shareef (Poem) Written by Amna Qazi 1240
Allah is the most Merciful (Poem) Written by Javeria Qazi 953
Blessings of Allah (Poem) Written by Sarah Iqbal 1052
In this World (Poem) Written by Abira Muhammad 869
A Message to the West... (Poem) Written by Umm-e-Shafia 822
Whispers of the Night (Poem II) Written by Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq 959
Untitled! (Poem) Written by Umm-e-Shafia 1008
That Lizard Again… (Poem) Written by Rare Jewel Roomi 871
Will The Angels Pray For Me? (Poem) Written by Khadeeja Wasif 879
Cinqain Poems Written by Abdur Rahman Mughis 862