How do winds blow?

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Written by Muhammad Usman bin Mujeeb  The City School   Grade 6

Normally on a windy day, we wonder how the wind blows. Of course, it blows by Allah’s command but we should also know from what processes, Allah makes it blow.
The sun’s heat warms the air and makes it move. This movement is called the wind. Different parts of the earth receive different amount of heat as shown in the top picture. Near the equator, the sun is overhead and heats the earth intensely. Nearer the poles, the sun’s rays strike the earth at a low angle so the heat is not so intense.
A lot of the sun’s heat is reflected back into space by the atmosphere, clouds and dust in the air and by water, snow and ice. So some parts of the earth are warm and some are cold.
Warm air tends to rise and creates areas of low pressure. Cold air tends to sink and creates areas of high pressure. As warm air rises, cold air flows in and replaces it. The greater the pressure difference, the stronger the wind blows.