Imagine the Majesty of Almighty Allah!

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Written by: Engr. Lubna Ibrahim, Karachi

Dear readers, I will try to explain the different phenomena in the light of Science. I hope that you will enjoy it.

WHY Do We Have Moles On Our Body?

There is an old superstition regarding moles. It says that when the mother is frightened or has some exciting experience before the birth of child, the child will have a mole on his body. There is exactly no scientific reason for this. They are often called "birthmarks" because they are present at birth or appear shortly after birth.

Every human being has at least one mole on his body. A human being has 14 moles on average. Moles can appear on any part of the body including scalp.

A mole consists of the growth of the tissue in which it has formed. It may consist of the tissues of blood vessels, or cells containing pigment, or hair-follicles cells or connective tissues. So each mole maybe quite different from the other.

Do All Human Beings Have Different FINGERPRINTS?

Dear readers, the answer to this is YES. Almighty ALLAH has decreed that all human beings from Hazrat Adam علیہ السلام to the last man on earth will have different fingerprints.

A Fingerprint is considered positive proof because the chance of error or mistake is impossible if a person has left his fingerprints on any object while committing a crime. Looking at the tips of our fingers we find a network of ridges. These ridges contain the "touch" receptors of skin. These ridges (the pattern of ridges makes a fingerprint) are different in every person and cannot be changed. Now imagine the majesty of Almighty Allah that even if the skin of the fingers is burnt several times in succession, the same fingerprints will appear each time after the burn heals. SubhanAllah!


Many children around us are left-handed. Parents of these children seem to be worried and they keep trying to correct them. As far as drinking, eating and shaking hands is considered, the left-handed children must try to use their right hand. Apart from that if the children have a strong preference for their left hand and they can do their work well there should be no interference, because their tendency to use left-hand is linked with brain chemistry. Approximately 10 percent of population in Pakistan is left-handed. Many geniuses in the world have been left-handed too.

Certainly, we live in a right-handed society, where everything of everyday use is made for right-handed people. For example, locks, doors knobs, automobiles, musical instruments and even button holes on clothes are all designed for right-handed people. There are minor adjustments which can be made in everyday accessories for the use of left-handed people. However, left-handed people usually adapt themselves.

There are several theories which explain why some people are left-handed but I will write about only one of them. The body is not "symmetrical" i.e. it is not the same on both sides. Let's put it in an easy way: the right side of our face is slightly different from the left side; there is a little difference in both the legs' strength and furthermore, there is a tiny size difference between our feet's length too. This is called "asymmetry". Now think about the majesty of Almighty Allah. How He has created human beings.

Our brain has two halves: the right-half and the left-half. Both halves do not function in the same way. Research has proved that the left-half of the brain is predominant over the right-half.  The right-half of the brain controls the left-side of the body and the vice versa. Since the left-half of the brain is predominant, therefore, our right-side or right portion of the body is more skilled. We speak, read, write and work with the left-half of the brain. Thus most of the people are right-handed.

In some cases, the right-half of the brain is predominant. Therefore, the left-side of the body is more skilled. Hence, the people are left-handed and are able to work better with their left hands.