Scientific Signs in the Quran and Sunnah (Part 8)

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The Sea Filled with Fire

By: Muhammad Ayaz

Allah the Almighty said, "And by the Sea filled with fire." (52:6)
After World War II marine biologists were surprised by the presence of millions of tons of rocky magma at very high temperatures (reaching 1000o C) ejecting from the cracks connecting most of the ocean beds and appearing as huge masses of fire below the surface of the sea. The presence of large amounts of water in these oceans surprisingly could not turn off this massive heat nor could the high temperature of the heat produced by this magma cause the water of these oceans to evaporate.
Allah • swears by an oath that shocked the Arabs at the time of Rasulullah i and even shocks the scientists of today when they discovered the ocean's depth and found that most of it was filled with fire. The fire was lit under the water and the lava ejecting from the cracks remained on fire without direct flame. Similar to the lit kiln, which is the expression used in Arabic and used in the Quran "filled with fire" i.e. water beneath which fire has been lit.