Endorphins A Natural Substitute for Morphine

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Written by: Dr. Maira Waqas, Sent by: Ghalib Saeed Farooqui, Canada

Endorphins are neurotransmitters released by the body naturally to reduce pain while producing a feeling of well-being and increasing immunity as well. They are natural pain killers provided by Allah Ta'ala.

In our body, Endorphins are released and increased during exercise, hearing good news, pregnancy, breast feeding, good scents, good relations with people, laughter, good food/fruits/herbs having anti-oxidizing properties, acupuncture at different points.

Endorphins are released in times of stress to rescue the body.

Researchers proved that when we give morphine, it stops the release of endogenous endorphins. It has been proved that too when the doctor does not prescribe anything but just does good counselling - 40% patient's health is relieved.

Ways to increase endorphins:
> Why not start a real love story with Allah Ta'ala, obeying Him totally and forgiving others? It will increase endorphins!
> Namaz, sadaqa, many good deeds increase endorphins.
> Maintain good relations with people … with mother, father, brothers, sisters, husband, relatives, etc.
> Don't take morphine when we already have natural morphine in our body. In fact enhance the natural one.
> Follow tibb-e-nabawi diet/food/herbs having anti-oxidizing properties to increase endorphins.
> Hijama at different points can also be another way of enhancing endorphins.
> Keeping your morale high because when goals are achieved they increase endorphins.
> Counselling of doctors should be excellent enough to treat 40% of patient by increasing endorphins.
> Have patience at stress time. Say, Alhumdulillah, Allah has already provided us with endorphins.