The Mystery Solved

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Written by: Muhammad Omar Nizamani Class vii. Govt. Boys' High School Tando Qaiser


Mr. Hasan was busy in writing a story. He had started writing five minutes ago after returning from the mosque after Jumuah prayers. He suddenly heard something fall. His pen stopped and he looked at his wife, silently asking her what had happened. His wife, Zainab, who was standing beside him looked at him. Now both were looking at each other wondering what had happened. Meanwhile, their ten-year old son Huzaifa ran to the door and looking outside, saw that someone had thrown a bag of litter in their narrow street. Their house was at the end of the colony and this part of the street was in their use only. He returned back and told his parents, "Someone has thrown a bag of the rubbish in front of our house again." Hearing this, his mother lost her temper and started cursing the person who had thrown the garbage. "May they be ruined who throw garbage in our street. Ya Allah! Destroy these cruel and wicked neighbours. They don't even care that today is Friday… a sacred day. Zahida maasi swept the whole street in the morning and they have made it dirty." Then she further added, "How can they have any respect for Friday? They don’t offer salat in the masjid or recite the holy Quran. They are illiterate. They don’t even know the rights of neighbours." Actually, she was suspecting their neighbours Raja Khan's family. Raja Khan was called Raju by the people and he and his family were known to be extremely quarrelsome. They were not very religious either. They always quarrelled with their neighbours over little things. Hearing her curses, Mr. Hasan sighed and said to his wife, "Why are destroying your virtuous deeds by cursing them? I know that you make the maid clean the house and street with difficulty and then some unknown persons throw rubbish in our street. But you should remember that a non-believer, an old woman, used to throw garbage on our dear prophet Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم but he never cursed her. He tolerated it with patience and prayed for her guidance." Hearing this, tears trickled down from her eyes and she started repenting and soon spread the prayer mat and started to pray.
Meanwhile, Mr. Hasan asked his son to pick up the rubbish and throw it in the garbage drum. His son at once said yes and went outside to carry out his order. By now Mr. Hasan had forgotten what he was writing. He put his head in his hands. "How long will they continue this dirty practice? How long will we have to pick up and throw other people’s garbage?" he thought despairingly. "Who can be the real culprit from among our neighbours? There are only a few houses in our neighbourhood. One of them is Mr. Kashif. No, no. He cannot do such a thing. He is a very religious person. He offers five times prayers. May be it’s Raju and his family. They are always ready to quarrel with everyone over little things. They are not very religious either. They have no sense of right or wrong. They don’t offer their prayers. As for our other neighbours they are neither too religious nor non-religious. Who can it be?" He raised his hands and supplicated to Allah سبحانہ وتعالی, "O my Allah! Whoever they may be, please make them stop doing this."
Meanwhile, Zainab had also finished her prayers. Spreading her hands, perhaps she was also entreating Allah سبحانہ وتعالی for the same thing. Mr. Hasan suddenly thought of Huzaifa who had not yet come back. He opened the front door and saw Huzaifa searching for something in the bag of trash. Mr. Hasan shouted angrily, "What are you doing? What are you looking for in there? A treasure? Diamonds? I told you to pick up the garbage and throw it in the bin and you are spreading it? Throw it away and come in at once.”  Huzaifa smiled and said, "Father, I am not looking for anything in here, I have just solved the mystery." "What do you mean?" his father demanded. "Let me come in and I’ll tell you the details." He came in, carrying some torn pages of a copy in his hands. He spread them on the table and joined them in such a way that it could be read clearly, ‘Kamran son of Mr. Kashif. Subject: Islamiat.’ Mr. Kashif’s younger son, Kamran, had been throwing all the rubbish from his room on the upper floor of their house! Mr. Hasan had such a high regard for their neighbor Mr. Kashif that he had never thought someone in his house could do such a thing. Mr. Hasan and Zainab were dumbstruck. They were ashamed of doubting Raju and his family. Mr. Hasan said, “Perhaps, Kashif thinks Islam is only the name offering prayers. This is quite wrong. In fact, Islam is a complete code of life. Islam teaches us the rights of neighbours too. Such self religious people are defaming Islam and ulamas. And then secular and anti religious people give the examples of such people to ridicule Islam and the ulamas. Huzaifa, my dear son, you solved this mystery very cleverly. From this incident we learn two lessons, one, that we should never doubt any person without proof. It is a very grave sin. And, two, we should try and spread true Islam among our neighbours so that they can become good Muslims and good citizens of our country.”