A Cure for All Your Diseases

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Written by: Muhammad Omar Nizamani   Class VII   Govt Boys' High School,  Tando Qaiser


Sir Ahmad suddenly developed a pain in his left thigh. The pain increased day by day.  The pain increased so much that he felt difficulty in walking and sitting. He only felt a little relief in lying down. First he went to the Govt. Hospital for a medical checkup. The doctor injected him and gave him some tablets but they benefitted him only temporarily. He took six doses of the medicine but the pain started, when the tablets finished. After two days, he again went to the doctor and told him in detail that the medicines given by him benefited him only temporarily and the pain had started again. The doctor told him not to worry. He said that it was only muscular pain and it would be cured soon. He then advised Sir Ahmad to take the course of fifteen days to eradicate the pain. Sir Ahmad did the course of fifteen more days. The pain did not finish but worsened. The medicines only benefited him temporarily. Now he got upset due to this pain. He gave up tuitions at home due to this pain. Now he was performing only his Govt. job but with difficulty. He told his colleagues about his pain and asked their advice for a good doctor. Many teachers gave him the names of their doctors. One of them advised him to go to a famous Homeopathic doctor whom he praised a lot. He said, ''Allah سبحانہ وتعالی has blessed him with the miraculous talent of healing. Anyone who goes to him for treatment gets rid of the disease and prays for him a lot. You should also go to him.” He listened to that teacher's advice and decided to go to the doctor. The Homeopathic doctor examined him and gave him medicines. But the medicines benefited him temporarily only. If he continuously took the medicine he felt relief from the pain but if he skipped one or two doses the pain again increased. He again became upset and complained to the Homeopathic doctor. The doctor consoled him and said "Homeopathic medicines eradicate the disease slowly. This cure will take some time. You will have to take the medicines for at least a month." Sir Ahmed did as he was told but after one month he realized that the Homeopathic medicines benefited him for a short period of time and were not curing him permanently. Now he became even more upset and gave up Homeopathic medicines. The pain in his thigh increased unbearably. Sometimes drops trickled down from Sir Ahmed's eyes due to the intense pain. He was not too old, he was only thirty two, he didn’t want to sit at home and become a burden on his family. When Homeopathic medicines did not benefit him, Sir Ahmad again asked his colleagues and relatives for a better doctor. One of his relatives said, "You should go to a neurologist. Neurologists can cure this type of disease.” He then told the name of a famous neurologist. Sir Ahmad went to that neurologist. His medicines did benefit him but alas, only temporarily. He now became even more upset. He remembered one his best friends, Doctor Aftab Memon, who was his classmate in college and who, after completing his studies in college, had taken admission in a medical college and become a doctor. Sir Ahmad asked him to refer him to a good doctor who would cure him of his disease. He told his friend in detail about his mysterious disease. His friend said to him, “You should go to a bone-expert. I know this doctor very well, he is an expert in his field and I think he will be able to cure your disease completely.”
Sir Ahmed instantly went to the bone doctor. The doctor took some tests and after seeing them, he gave him medicines. But alas! His medicines didn’t have a lasting effect either. When he took the medicines, the pain vanished but returned after some time. But if he had left the medicines, the pain would have started again. Now Sir Ahmad felt quite helpless. He simply didn’t know what to do. He asked his students to pray for him to get rid of the mysterious pain. All his students prayed for his well being. Then after about two months, Sir Ahmad's thigh pain started subsiding slowly. All his students, friends and colleagues also noticed it. And at last his thigh pain was gone completely and now he was quite normal.
One day one of his students asked him, "Sir, now you look quite well. It seems your thigh pain has gone completely. May I know the name of the doctor who managed to cure you?" Sir Ahmad first thanked Allah سبحانہ وتعالی greatly and then said, "No doctor's medicines benefited me." And then he began the story of relief of his thigh pain in detail. He said, "I went to many different doctors for the treatment of my thigh pain but their medicines benefited me only temporarily. I mean no doctor's medicine could cure my pain completely. Even specialists could not cure my pain. I took medicines from different doctors for four months. When the medicines started harming me instead of benefitting then I gave up going to the doctors and taking medicines. But I did not despair from the mercy of my Lord and always prayed to Him in every prayer to cure me of my pain. Then one day, I was reading the weekly Islamic newspaper Zarb-e-Momin when late Ishtiaq Ahmad's (رحمہ اللہ) column Umeed came before my eyes. In the column, he wrote that his daughter had developed a mysterious disease. He went to many doctors for her treatment but no doctor's medicines benefitted her. But he did not despair from Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala's mercy and gave sadaqah and recited durood paak five hundred times daily and blew over her. And by the grace of Allah سبحانہ وتعالی, she became well. I also tried that cure for about fifteen days and Allah سبحانہ وتعالی cured my disease! I am still reciting durood shareef countless times daily and giving sadaqah also as much as I can.”
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