Love for My Sister

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By: Suneela Iqbal

My sister...Yup...That's my topic today. I was the only daughter of my parents for 13 whole years. Then Allah blessed me with sister. When I was little I always thought that something was missing from my life but I never understood what it was. After her arrival I got to know that a sister was what I lacked. She's only two years old and I know I can't share my secrets with her or she can't help me with my household chores but I still love her so very much. I know she can't understand me but I can't resist her. It's because she's my little sister and Allah has made a sister's bond very special, very strong. She's a living toy for me and my family. She smiles, she plays, she cries, she whines, she laughs, she tries to talk, she does a lot of funny things.
It’s been two years but still sometimes when I come home from school I forget that I have a sister. After two or three hours I think of her then mom tells me that she's sleeping and at that time I usually slap my forehead that what kind of person I am? How can I forget her? But I don't know why I keep forgetting.
On my dad's side I'm the only one who has a sister. My other cousins are single, I mean to say that they have brothers but no sisters. So they tell me that you should be thankful to Allah that He has blessed you with a sweet little sister.
I love the way she talks and eats. When she eats rice with a spoon and the rice falls here and there and then how she stuffs her mouth with the spoonful of rice, it’s just adorable. When mum gives her a packet of chips, she gives it to both her brothers and to me as well. After sharing it with everyone she eats it and then shouts for water because the chips are way too spicy for her (sometimes). Then her innocent talk… she tries to copy everything we say. When she was a little younger she always copied us (of course that is what babies and little kids do but...) she used to copy everything. The moment we said a word she would copy it and that's how I came up with a perfect name for her. I called her 'copycat' and she mimicked that too! Now that's what I call the innocence of my sweet sister.
She takes my scarfs and mufflers and tries to wear them. Whenever the azaan is called out she comes running to me and says, "Aapi, patta." And then she actually snatches it from me. She wears it until the azaan ends. That made me realize that little kids copy whatever their family members do. Now it depends on them what they do, right or wrong and that's what kids learn.
Little babies and kids are pure, pure from all evil and every sin. Their eyes have a special shine which I can see in her eyes too. When she sleeps, she looks so innocent. Every of her act is so innocent, entertaining, so cute, so adorable. I don't think I have words to describe her babyish actions.
When someone says, "Suneela's sister...." I feel weird. I know it sounds kind of stupid but I really get a shock when I hear something like this. Because from my childhood I was used to hear everything about my brothers so it feels kinda strange to me but I know that with the passage of time I'll get the hang of it.
Her childhood is something I can't ever forget. The age difference can't become an obstacle between us. When she will grow up I know that we will be very best friends. Your sisters must be very precious for you as well. Understand their worth, don't ever fight with them. They can be your best friends if you make them. What if they are annoying and what of they don't listen to you? They will change one day as they are Allah's precious gift. They are the chocolate chip in a biscuit. Chocolate chip makes the biscuit more delicious, doesn't it? So they make our lives delicious and enjoyable. Doesn't the sun looks beautiful when it shines? Sisters make our lives bright with sunshine. And what about the rainbow? Isn't it extremely rare and pretty? Everyone doesn't gets a sister so they are quite rare, a great blessing from Allah. They are really worth everything, believe me.
As  for my sister I love her like anything. I do scold her sometimes but that doesn't means I don't like her. It’s just a little step to show her what's right and what’s wrong. And my doll, my princess, my living toy, my sweety little sister's name is Fasiha. It’s an Arabic word which means literary and eloquent. Love you a lot little sister!