The Five Hundred Rupee Note

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Written By: Rais Muhammad Umar

Ali went to visit his mango orchard, returned home after about three hours, greeted his family members with Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and then began chatting with his father and mother.  
"Father, I heard Uncle Faisal and old Fatan were talking to each other. Fatan said to Uncle Faisal, ‘Brother Faisal, yesterday, on the second Friday of Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak, Fayaz and I were offering sunnat salah after completing faraz salah  together. I mean Fayaz was standing next to. Seth Haji Rizwan completed his sunnat salah before us and then before going out he put a five hundred rupee note in front of us while we were still offering sunnat salah. He gave that note as charity. I completed my salah hurriedly and picked up the note but then Fayaz, who had also finished his salah, twisted my arm and saying, ‘Hey! Haji sahib kept this note for me,’ snatched it from my hand.’
Uncle Faisal said, Maybe, Haji sahib kept the note for Fayaz?’
‘No, brother Faisal, Haji sahib kept the note for me. Fayaz snatched it from me forcibly,’ Fatan said sadly.
‘If so then why didn't you tell Fayaz that the note was meant for you?’
‘I did, again and again but he wouldn’t listen. The Pesh Imam, Hajan, also sided with him.’
‘Did the Pesh Imam himself see Haji sahib putting the note there?’
‘No, he didn’t. He gave false evidence,’ Fatan said sadly.
‘If you were certain that Haji sahib had kept the note for you, you should have said to Fayaz let's go to Haji sahib and find out whom the note is meant for,’ Uncle Faisal said.
‘Yes, I know I should have done that but I didn’t,’ Fatan said, crestfallen.
Ali looked at his father and said, "Father, do you know Fatan’s eyes were filled with tears as he said that?”
"Maybe, Haji sahib meant it for Fayaz otherwise why did he snatch the note from Fatan?"
Ali's mother who was listening to the whole story, interrupted and said, “We should not give any decision without hearing both the parties. Sharia also emphasizes this rule that without hearing both the parties involved one should not decide a case. Anyway, I think neither Fatan nor Fayaz are wrong. In fact, Seth Rizwan is wrong. Is that the way to give charity? It is said charity should be given secretly and one should give charity in a respectable manner i.e. in a person’s hand. One should not give charity by throwing money in front of the poor. Here in this case, Seth Rizwan should have given the note in the hand of the person to whom he wanted to give it. Both were offering salah and the note could have been carried away by the wind. And if the Pesh Imam has sided with one party without knowing the true intention of Seth Rizwan then he is wrong too. And last of all, Ali you shouldn’t have come carrying tales to us. It doesn’t concern you or your father in any way so you shouldn’t be commenting on it. Judging other people without knowing all the facts, talking about things that don’t concern us, making unnecessary comments is not appreciated by Allah ta’ala at all."
"Yes begum, you are quite right. I shouldn’t have commented on it as I did. Astaghfirullah! Astaghfirullah! May Allah ta’ala forgive me.”