Why I Abandoned Christianity

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Written by: Noor Wali Shah


Some days ago I was lucky to participate in a ceremony for a missionary who had embraced Islam and recited the pure words if Kalimah-i-Tayyabah. There was a look of happiness on everyone’s face in the audience.
The story of the Christian Missionary was full of wonderful and interesting events. He was a hardcore missionary and had converted dozens of Muslims into Christians, guiding them towards hellfire. But it is a miracle of the Quran that it draws even the enemy towards itself.
He commenced his story by saying that he had been the head of an international missionary group in Pakistan. They used to convey the message of the Church across the world. He said that some years ago I met a Muslim couple and tried my best to convert them to Christianity. I promised myself that I would at least sow the seeds of doubt and uncertainty about their religion in their minds if they were not ready to leave Islam.
“The young Muslim couple was reluctant to hear anything against the Quran so I began searching day and night for some weak points in the Quran. I got a copy from somewhere and commenced to study it critically. I spent nights to accomplish this goal until I reached the Ayah
ود کثیر من اھل الکتاب لو یردونکم من بعد ایمانکم
I was shocked. My inner feelings and emotions were written there word for word. The other missionaries and I were busy turning the Muslims against their religion because of the jealousy and hostility we had in our hearts for Islam. I took up the Quran and brought it to my wife who was sitting in the next room. I showed her the Ayah and asked her whether it was true or wrong? She looked it again and again. Finally she answered that that there might have been a Christian Movement in the past which had drawn a great number of Muslims towards Christianity and due to this Islamic scholars had inserted this Ayah in the Quran. They had done it to save the coming Muslim generations from giving up their religion. My wife said they had done this so that down through the ages whenever Muslims would be invited to accept Christianity they would answer that we have been informed 1400 years ago in the Quran that these Ahl-i-kitab would try to misguide you Muslims towards hellfire.”
As the revert missionary continued his speech there was pin-drop silence in the hall.
“I contacted our organization and asked them about the Ayah but failed to receive a satisfying answer. Eventually I started research myself. To my astonishment I found that the Ayah was present in each and every copy of Quran. There was not even a difference of one alphabet.
One day I was discussing the different aspects of the Quran with my wife when she amazed me by reciting the Kalimah-i-Tayyabah. Her words gave me a numb feeling and my mouth hung open without a word coming out. Everything felt weird. Here was my wife uttering the belief I hated the most. She who had been a hardcore Christian missionary till yesterday was now a strong devotee and true believer of Islam!
I thought back about my life full of sins and misconceptions and then I resolved that I would utilize the coming moments of my life to convey the message of Islam to the world and to serve it whole heartedly. Alhamdulillah by the grace and mercy of Allah سبحانہ وتعالی since then I have been busy in this holy purpose. Several Christians have embraced Islam due to my poor struggles. I pray to Allah سبحانہ وتعالی to accept my work and to reward me with the Kalimah-i-Tayyabah when my life comes to an end.”