Believe In Yourself and Trust Me You Will Succeed

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Written by: Qirat Bolani

Fear closes your mouth when you speak, it does. "It's only your imagination, everything will be good. Don't worry there's nothing to be afraid of." Friends are best when they say this. But does this kind of medicine work? These kind of remarks work for a few minutes or a few hours or maybe for a day. But these soothing comments don't help us in capitalizing on an opportunity.
Fear is real, let me explain. Have you ever offered a silent prayer before invigilators distributed the exam paper?  Or have you been lost into deep thought while studying? This happens because you don't want to fail or you don't want your parents to scold you. A simple action can help you reduce your fear. You can simply convert your worry time in your study time. And you should never compare yourselves to other people. Believe in yourself and you'll succeed. Some of the most practical success building wisdom is found in that quotation stating that faith can move mountains. Believe, really you can move a mountain, trust me, you can.
You might have been embarrassed because of your personal appearance. You might have heard people talking about you behind your back. There's nothing to be worried. Remember, the other person is just another human being pretty much like yourself. If you ever had fear of what other people may think and say, make sure what you plan to do is right. No one ever does anything worthwhile for which he is not criticized. As far as your appearance is concerned, improve it. Get your clothes cleaned and pressed, shine your shoes. Practice better grooming. That doesn't mean buy new clothes.
You can cure your fear and win confidence. Isolate your fear and note it down. Determine exactly what are you afraid of. Take action to reduce it. Do remember one thing... hesitation enlarges and magnifies the fear. Be decisive. Much lack of self confidence can be traced directly to a mismanaged memory.
Your brain is kind of a bank. Each time you make thought deposits into your mind bank they gain a lot of profit. These thoughts deposits grow and become a memory. Whenever you face a problem or you question yourself, "What do I already know about this?" your mind bank answers and supplies you with some information relating to the situation that you encountered previously. The manager in your memory bank is reliable. Whenever you ask him and say, "Hey manager, let me withdraw some thoughts I deposited in the past proving I am inferior to just about everybody else," the manager in your mind bank will certainly answer, "Recall how you already failed two times trying the same thing, recall how your head used to de-motivate you just because you could not manage to win the football trophy, recall, how you got insulted...." The brain manager keeps digging out of your brain thought after thought that proves you are inadequate.
But if you visit your brain manager with a request, "Manager, please tell me my achievements, I am facing something really difficult today, please supply me with the thoughts that will give me reassurance," this time mind bank will deliver thoughts you deposited that will prove you can succeed.
Everyone faces plenty of unpleasant, discouraging and embarrassing situations. But unsuccessful and successful people deal with them in directly opposite ways. Unsuccessful people take them to heart, they dwell on the unpleasant situations, and at night these situations are the last thing they think about.
Successful people don't give it another thought. Successful people are those who specialize in putting extra positive thoughts in their memory bank. They let every unpleasant memory go.
Remember, people are more alike, much more alike, than they are different. Develop an understanding attitude. They will surely bark. But it's a rare that they will bite.
1. Be a front-seater
2. Walk 35 percent faster
3. Make eye contact because there's nothing to be afraid of.
4. Speak out loud.
5. Smile big.
6. Let everything about you say "I AM CONFIDENT".