A True Story

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By: Javeria Binte Mahmood

My parents made a sudden plan to go to our village to meet my father’s family. My sister and I shouted, “We will stay at our granny’s (nani’s) house.” My parents agreed and dropped us there after Isha prayers.
“It’s 10:30 p.m. Let’s go have some ice-cream,” I said. Everyone agreed. My grandparents had gone to sleep so my sister, my mamo (mother’s brother), my mami and I made our way to the ice-cream shop. The shop was about 2 km. away and we decided to walk the distance. The only thing was that my shoe had broken and I was wearing my grandmother’s shoes.
We bought ice-creams and cold drinks and made our way back home. We were walking on the service road and there were bushes all around. Suddenly a huge, ugly, wild cat appeared and started chasing us. (Note: cats never chase human beings). All of us broke into a run. My sister’s cold drink fell from her hand and half of my ice-cream hit the road.  I was finding it very difficult to run in my grandmother’s shoes as they were a bit large for me. My sister shouted, “Everyone, recite Ayat-ul-Kursi.” My mamo and mami being Hafiz-e-Quran started to recite it loudly.
As we neared our home, I looked back. The cat had disappeared! All of us stopped and stared at each other. Quietly, we opened the door and went inside.
It is true that the person who remembers Allah never loses.