The Real Celebration

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Written By: Shahana Khan  Islamabad

“I’m planning to collect about Rs. 1500 for match bombs, flags and firecrackers,” said Mobeen, one of Ali's friends.
“Flags? Firecrackers? For what?” asked Ali, puzzled.
“Silly! Don’t you know, Pakistan’s Independence Day is coming soon?” laughed Wasif, who was Ali's friend too.
“Oh! I almost forgot that. Look, its 4 o' clock and I’d better head for home. My mother will be worried.” And off went Ali.
“Ammi! I’m home!”
“Assalamu Alaikum, beta!”
“Walaikum Assalam! Ammi, I want some of my Eidi. I gave you, about Rs. 500 if you remember.”
“I don’t have any money just now, but I promise to do my best and give it to you tomorrow.”
Ali belonged to a middle class family. His father had died eight months ago and his mother started stitching clothes for people and also started giving home tuitions.
The next morning, Ali went down for breakfast. He ate the yummy Paratha and Omelette which his mother had made for him. He ate it happily and went to take a bath. After finishing he came outside for a walk and also grabbed the latest issue of The Truth and went home. His mother gave him the money as 14th Augustwas tomorrow. Ali told his mother that he was going with his friends to buy flags, match bombs and firecrackers for the Independence Day. As he was leaving he saw his mother looking very worried. Her eyes filled with tears too. He came back and wiping her tears asked her, “What’s the matter, Ammi? Why are you crying? Is there a problem? Ammi, tell me please.”
“Beta, I thought you needed the money to buy something useful. I had no idea you were going to waste it.”
“Waste it? Ammi this is not wasting. I just want to celebrate, to thank Allah (s.w.t) for giving us such a beautiful country.”
“Celebrate Independence Day? What type of celebrating is this? Is this the way to thank Allah سبحانہ وتعالی? Beta don’t you remember that we fought for freedom just to worship Allah freely, without any restrictions? Pakistan is the only second country that was created in the name of Islam.” Ali’s mother looked at him. “Beta! We should pray to Allah سبحانہ وتعالی, offer nawafil to thank Him rather than waste money in useless things. Beta, wasting money is wrong and an even greater sin is ‘eeza-i-Muslim’. The noise of the match bombs, the firecrackers will disturb your neighbours, your Muslim brothers and sisters. Do you uderstand?”
Ali started crying and hugged his mother saying, “Ammi I am sorry. I am sorry and I promise I will not waste my money ever. I will give my Eidi as sadaqah as thanksgiving to Allah سبحانہ وتعالی for blessing us with such a beautiful country. This si how I will celebrate my country’s independence.”
Ali's mother laughed and they both hugged each other.