The Shattered Palace

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Written by: T.S.

Hey friends, this is T.S. Hope you are all fine by Allah's Grace and also hope you know me too. For those lucky newbies who haven’t had the opportunity to encounter me, let me introduce myself. I, that is to say, T.S. am the one writer whom about 10% of The Truth sisters want to meet. And the rest 90% want to beat. (Don't ask me for reasons, ask them.) I always had the hit conception of being the most read, most admired, most liked but not the most abused writer of The Truth. But the palace of my hit conceptions, (in which I being the queen of course), shattered when I happened to meet a much realistic and straightforward kind of lady who made me see my real place. She, (won't mention her name if I am to live a few more years) didn't feel herself lucky for having the golden chance to talk to T.S. Rather, that unusual lady sent me links of various online courses so that I could mend myself and try to control the monster of my nafs. She would chat with me but then she would make me feel guilty and appear as one of the idlest persons on earth. (Ah! The pain in the heart at those cruel words!)
Anyway, if all this is rubbish and a pain in your neck, head, shoulders, arms, legs and all other vital and not-so-vital organs, dear readers, then I can't do anything about it. I’ve received two electric shocks in one day and after that you can’t expect Iqbal's philosophical poetry to come out of my mind, can you? But if you do then it’s not my headache.
Moral: Never think you're the best because it is I who am the best writer of The Truth.
You think, this disease isn't cured yet? Yes, you're right. Some people never change… and I am one of them. And I'm well aware you love me the way I am. No need to mention that most of you purchase this mag just for the pleasure of reading my illuminating writings. Thank you for your love, care, politeness and patience for staying with me. Thank you dear readers, once again!