What to Do

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Written by: Hamza Ali

Asif and I are close friends and we always to share our problems with each other. We discuss our problems in detail and find theirs solutions but sometimes we fail to find a solution and then we get advice from our parents and teachers because they have better and more experience of life than us.
In this story I'm going to share an experience of life which is usually faced by some students.
It was a Sunday night and, as per routine, Asif and I had planned to have dinner at a restaurant after Isha Salah. I reached the hotel first and sitting down at a table, started waiting for Asif. I was killing time by reading the Truth Mag I had brought with me. After some time Asif arrived.
"Assalamu Alaikum, how are you?”
"Walaikum Assalam! I’m not fine brother, what about you?" he replied.
“Alhamdulillah I'm fine, but what's the problem?" I asked.
“Hamza! You know Math is my favourite subject and I feel bored when I study the subjects of the Medical group," he answered.
"So what's wrong?”
"The problem is that I want to be an engineer and I want to join an Engineering college while my father's wish is to make me a doctor. I don’t know what to do now.”
"Oh! Why not inform your father about your interest?" I asked.
"I am afraid to talk to my father about my aim in life because he is too strict."
"Last time when I met you, you were telling me about a teacher who has been teaching you since your childhood and he is also a friend of your father’s."
"Yes he is, so?" he asked.
"Go and meet him and tell him about your problem. Ask him to tell your father to change his decision of making you a doctor."
He smiled and said, “What a good idea! I will ask my teacher to do so.”
Then we ordered various dishes and had a delicious dinner.
On Monday, Asif talked to his teacher, informed him about his problem and asked him to help him. His teacher agreed. He invited Asif's father for dinner and discussed Asif’s future plans with him. He told him about Asif’s longing to be an engineer instead of a doctor. Asif’s father agreed to let him study Engineering.
Asif was very happy at his teacher's efforts. He thanked his teacher and got admission in an Engineering college, where he is now studying comfortably and happily.
This was a simple and a short incident in which you can find some points. These are given below,
* We should set an aim in life and inform our parents about it.
* We should share our problems with our parents, friends and teachers.
* We should never lose hope.
* Parents should also ask their kids’ opinions before making any decision about their future.