Kashmir Will Become Pakistan

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Written by: Hamza Ali Ibn Gulab  Class: 10th Hira Public Higher Secondary School Sukkur

"Mama will that day come? When we will be able to celebrate our independence day without protesting on the roads and facing fire from Indian Army? When will a new Mohammad Ali Jinnah take birth? When will a new Allama Iqbal appear who will awaken everyone through his patriotic poetry?"
"Beta don't worry, that day will surely come. A time will come when we will breathe in a free state, where everyone will be able to perform his/her religious rites fearlessly. In sha ‘Allah the day will come when you will also hang a Pakistan flag on the roof and you will decorate your home with white and green paper flags and rejoice with your brothers and sisters."
"Abbu and I can’t even perform Juma salah sometimes. We are surrounded by Indian forces always, and Pakistan itself is facing various problems including terrorism, corruption, discrimination etc. so how will it be able to solve the Kashmir issue?"
"Beta, here in Kashmir we are raising our voices for freedom from India through protests and on the other side Pakistani Nation is also feeling our pain. The Muslims as well as minorities are supporting us and you are right in saying that they are fighting against terrorism. Once they get rid of terrorism, they will also fight for our right of freedom, they will fight for us, for all Kashmiris."
"Mama, you are absolutely right and I agree with your opinion but I'm a child and a bundle of questions are jumping in my mind and I would like to get the answers to them. We have already lost 70+ people in the last five weeks, 1000+ have lost their eyes and dozens are getting treatment at hospitals and too many people are poisoned and they have made us prisoners in our homes. They are beating us, killing our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. They have been doing it for so many years. The Indian army has killed thousands of our ancestors and the reason behind it is that we are fighting for our right to choose."
"Yes, you are right, but listen to me carefully. In the Holy Qur'an Allah سبحانہ وتعالی says: "ان اللہ مع الصابرین" (Indeed Allah سبحان و تعالی is with those who tolerate).
Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will give us ajr of our long suffering. Soon we will no more be prisoners. In sha ‘Allah."
"In sha ‘Allah! That day will come soon."
"Now sleep with sweet dreams my dear son and don't forget to offer the du’a of sleeping."
"Ok Mama!”
May Allah سبحانہ وتعالی grant freedom to Kashmir. Aameen!