Any Buddy Here?

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Written by: Heartbroken Soul

I am not a very social person or an admirer of large social circles but that doesn't make me feel low. It makes me quite glad, relaxed and serene, in fact, for I believe, large social groups and abundant connections mostly land you in one trouble or the other. I prefer quality to quantity.
However, once, there came a point in life when I was in great distress. Couldn't explain to anyone. Not to family because didn't want to trouble them. Nor to friends because I found it odd sharing my problems with them. Thought it would be ingratitude…. whining in front of people. Whatever, I didn't and couldn't tell it to a single soul. Yet, I did one thing. To vent out the immense sorrow that was eating me up, yes, I requested family and friends to pray for me without mentioning what was wrong. Just a general prayer for everything being fine. And believe me, it worked. It worked so very well. It removed loads of burden from my heart, by Allah's Grace. Don’t know whether they prayed for me or not but at least, the messages I sent and the hope that they had raised their hands in front of the Lord and said a silent prayer in their hearts for me... that hope, that feeling was just grand. Grand indeed. Bliss! That day... that very instant... I felt so very fortunate. Magnificent! To have some people who'd pray for me when I requested them to.
Here an amusing bit of memory I'd like to share with you people. I was asking a friend to pray for me after my death and do eesal-e-thawab to which she kept saying, "OK. I will, Insha'Allah. Sure." When for the umpteenth time, I asked her to make sure. She burst out: "Abhi shuru ker doon eesal-e-thawab?” (Should I start doing eesal e thawab this very moment?)" I couldn't help laughing. I instantly replied, "Yes, please. Sure do. Because you can send thawab to the living too."
Having many people around you isn't good sometimes but still a handful of sincere buddies isn't a bad idea, is it?