Internet and Students

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Written By: Hamza Ali Ibn Gulab   Govt Islamia College Sukkur  (XI Pre-Engg.)

Nowadays, technology has made our lives luxurious and easier. We are just one click away from our needed information. As social Network and Media is spreading to each corner of the world, it is now easier to communicate with people. The media connects us with different people and provides us a lot of advantages but all this is possible when you have an Internet connection.
Actually Internet is another world where you can find knowledge about practically whatever you want. There are different kinds of Internet users. I am going to share some kind of users which I have experienced.
Nowadays poetry is attracting people towards it through internet. Poetry is again gaining interest and attention. In the past it was considered that poetry is only for old people but now in this civilized and modern world it is different. Young people are now being attracted by poetry. There are a lot of pages on Facebook with thousands and millions of followers, which post Urdu poetry on a daily basis. There are also a lot of websites on internet where you can find poetry. The most liked poets are "Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Jaun Elia, Nadir Kazmi, Muhsin Naqvi and Parveen Shakir. In the last century people used to spread poetry through books but now a large number of people read poetry either online on internet or download it in their mobiles/laptops or computers.
On the other hand, there are many students and people who just waste their time on the internet. They use Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media. They don’t try to gain knowledge or any other kind of information, they never take the right kind of advantage of the Internet.
As I mentioned in first line of the second paragraph "It is another world" and the world contains two kinds of people… the bad and the good. The bad ones surf the net for immoral things, the good ones, like students, who are always in search of new things, new ideas, new news and new information. They are always busy in search of something that may be useful for them. They concentrate on learning, on gaining knowledge through different sources. So internet is the best and easiest source which provides them something new every day. They get educational help online too. They also apply online for admissions in institutes as well as for scholarships.
My purpose to share all this with the readers of The Truth Mag is to encourage the readers to learn something new every day which may help them in this world and the Hereafter.