Lies or Truth?

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By: Suneela Iqbal

Once there was old lady who lived in Japan. She was poor so she used to sell vegetables for her alimentation. She herself had to look after the house too so she just couldn't go to the market and sell vegetables. What she did was that she placed a table in front of her house. On it she put the vegetables in shoppers with price tags attached, neatly. After that she went to her house and completed other house chores. People who wanted to buy vegetables came to the table, looked for the desired vegetables, put the money on the table listed in the tag, took the vegetables and went away. This way both did their jobs. The old lady got her money and the buyer got his vegetables. Looks easy, hmm? Well.. it’s a true story. It's a true story that happened in Japan. Maybe some of you know it already.
    Just see how honest they are. They are not Muslims but are truly honest people. This much honesty is what we lack. Stealing and robbery is happening every day. Even if the seller is present at the shop, people still steal things. Isn't it sad? I think it's very sad. This should be the work of a Muslim, instead, non- Muslims are doing it and getting lots of benefits. In this way, they save their time, their job gets done and they earn money for their living as well.
There was a time when Muslims were on the top and ruled the world. As time passed, Muslims begin to commit lots and lots of sins and leaving the good deeds behind. What Allah told them, they started neglected it. They left their own ways and started adopting the ways of non-Muslims'. Whereas, non-Muslims considered our work and ways more beneficial and less time-consuming so now they are on top. Their countries are developed and everything is organized. It's just because of following our rules and ways. If they can follow them why can't we? Why are we neglecting Allah's orders? Honesty... how honest we are with people? How many lies do we speak in a day? Let me give you an example. We call someone, say to him that I'm arriving in just 20 minutes but it's a 3 hour drive. How can you go there in 20 minutes if the destination is 3 hours away? You lied. Someone comes to your house and asks you for a loan. You say you don’t have any money, though you do. You lied. Your mother asks you have you prayed? You think that if I tell her I have not, she will scold me so you say yes I have prayed. You lied. You tell your friends you didn't study well just because when you'll get good grades, they'll be surprised and admire you. You Lied. All these are lies which we speak daily, lies… little in our eyes but not in Allah's. Every lie, every deception and every sin is recorded. Where's honesty? Our life would be much easier if we become honest Muslims. After all, lie is a root of every bad deed. At least we can try to get rid of this awful sin. Everyone hates the person who lies a lot and who wouldn't like an honest person? So what would you prefer? Lies or truth?