The Brave Old Lady

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Written by Zainab Adnan  Class III   St Joseph’s Convent School , Karachi

Once upon a time there was a very dangerous forest with so many harsh trees where wild animals used to live. On the left area there was a small cottage whereas on the right area situated a house and in between there was a big flowing river.
In the cottage there used to live an old lady whose name was Beena and in the house her married daughter lived with her husband. One day Beena missed her child but could not go there. Next day she was missing her again but was afraid then on the third day she did not wait and went to her daughter as she was not afraid. On the way she met two very frightening animals. First she met a tiger who said, 
“Oh good! You are Beena, right? I was searching for you everywhere as I want to eat you. Please get ready.” 
“It’s a good idea but I haven’t eaten anything since three days so your belly can’t be filled. I am going to my daughter’s house where I will eat all desi food like ghee, milk, butter etc. Then you can eat me when I am fat.” 
The tiger was so selfish that he believed her. 
As she went further she met a cheetah who said the same thing and Beena replied in the same manner and he also believed her. When she reached her daughter’s house she ate everything possible and after four days as she was going back, her daughter said, “Mom, please do come again soon.”  “I wish I could live longer in this world.” Then she told her daughter the whole story. “Amaan, don’t worry, I will tell you something.” She whispered in her mother’s ear. Beena smiled and set off home. When she was in the forest she saw the two animals who came close to her. “I am back now so that you can eat me but first you have to decide who will eat my head and who will eat the rest of me. The tiger and the cheetah both started fighting and Beena ran away.