As You Sow So Shall You Reap

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By: Maleeha  Mahmood

“Please! Doctor have mercy. I’ll never forget your kindness,” pleaded the old man, tears running down his wrinkled face, his body shaking with sorrow.

“I’m sorry but payment is my only demand. No payment then get out,” surgeon Saeed said, shaking his head firmly. “Get out if you can’t pay. I can’t feed my family with your tears. Leave!”

This was an amusing thing for him to say as he was a successful surgeon who earned millions in a month.

The old man’s small daughter was writhing with pain. Her face was turning blue and she was moaning constantly. The heartless doctor yelled at the old man, “Get out!”

 Breathing heavily, the little girl gasped, her body jerked and then became limp. The old man looked the surgeon with hatred in his eyes and said in quivering voice, “I place my case in the court of Allah who is just and listens to everyone. Ya Allah! I ask you to punish your servants who have no humanity. And Doctor! Remember, Allah’s blow is silent; yet you’ll feel it in this world.”

With that he picked up his dead daughter and walked out. The doctor shook his head and walked to the operation theatre.

Two months later, it was his daughter Sara’s party. She had passed the exam with flying colours and had invited her friends to her home. He had made all the arrangements himself. It had been a wonderful day and everyone had enjoyed themselves. 

That night, Dr. Saeed was preparing to go to bed and his wife was talking to Sara in her bedroom when Sara suddenly started vomiting. She went on and on and nothing would make her stop. At last she lay limp and exhausted in her mother’s arms. Dr. Saeed was flabbergasted. He knew it was food poisoning. He put her in his car and sped off. But alas! They got stuck in a heavy traffic jam. Dr. Saeed, watched his daughter in her mother’s arms taking shallow breaths. He could hear the old man’s words echoing in his head, “Doctor! Remember Allah’s blow is silent; yet you’ll feel it in this world.”

Dr. Saeed stared desperately at his dying daughter. She was moaning constantly and frothing at the mouth. Finally she emitted a loud gasp, jerked violently and became limp.

At the same time the traffic started moving but it was too late.