Bitter and Sweet

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By: Hajra Motiwala

It is 14th August the day of our independence … happiness … celebrations … you name it and here I am brooding on theseBitter_Sweet_14-15 thoughts
14th August was the day we got independence and became free but are we really free now? I look around myself and notice that we have in fact become slaves. Non-believers of Islam lead us. We lust for the kind of life they live. We copy their recipes, their fashion and their way of living. We think that the person is successful who has studied in their country, who can speak their language in their accent. Are we independent still? Non-Muslims interfere in every decision our government makes, the recent example being the contracts of oil pipelines with Iran. They object to everything which is beneficial for Muslims and for Pakistan and you know what? We still agree with them. They show such programmes and give lectures that we hang on their every word.  Our ancestors gave up their lives so that their next generation i.e. we could live in a state where we were free and we could practice Islam. We have heard stories of their sacrifices so many times that we don't feel moved anymore; we wave their stories off like a fly that is bothering us. We have become careless, emotionless. Now, practicing Islam, performing prayers on time and reciting Quran regularly is not as important to us as is spending hours in front of the TV, catching up on the latest movies and trends, making sure that we are not even a step behind the Americans. I mean, ‘what will our friends say’ right?

Our masajid are being destroyed in front of us but do we even care or take the slightest interest in the issue? Just now in Burma countless Muslims (apparently 21000) have been killed. Our media is not as free as it claims to be. It is not showing the situation in Burma. Don't we think pretty soon killings will start in our own country too? God forbid but unnoticeably they have started. The non-believers are not directly killing us but they are creating hate among us. Lyari, in Karachi, is the main example where killings are innumerable. You go there and you die. The killers don't even know the names of those whom they are killing and the victims don't even know why they are being killed. Now ulemas, maulanas respected people who have beards, who follow the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wsallam) are being feared and suspected. What has happened to our Pakistan?
I was not being negative but just reminding you of the truth. I can go on and on but don’t get depressed. We still have hope. We live in a Muslim country. We have our beloved Nabi's blessings with us. We can turn things around. Alhamdulillah we hear beautiful azaans from every corner of our cities five times a day. We have more than one masjid in every area. Abayas are being worn and liked by young girls. We have halal food everywhere. Our neighbours and friends are Muslims. We have ulema-i-keraam who pray for us and guide us in what to do when something confuses us. There is still respect for women left in this country, there is still shame left. We still have our values and beliefs. We don't act on our values much anymore but we still respect what our elders taught us. We can change.
Enjoy this day and live it with new resolutions.
Yes I CAN change.
Yes I Will change.
And yes I will make Pakistan proud of me! InshaAllah