Practice Makes a Man Perfect

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Written by Huzaifa Sohaib, School of Excellence Gujranwala

Whenever I heard or read the idiom, “Practice makes a man perfect” I was like:
“Oh, what a boring idiom!”
This was because according to me, perfection in a particular subject or task is God-gifted if we become unstuck in anything, we can never score it out.
Well, coming to the point, when I experienced this proverb in my life, I got it perfect and tip-top.
Read the story ahead…
One upon a time, there lived a girl whose name was Huzaifa. She was abysmal in Math due to which she was always scolded by her parents and teachers. Her lapse in Math can be judged by the fact that she even got jumbled up in addition and multiplication. Algebra, factorization or logarithms etc. were out of the reach of her ‘mind’.
In 9th grade, when she joined an Academy, her male teacher asked her while solving a problem, “4+2 are equal to?”
“Eight,” she replied innocently.
He stopped solving question and stared at her for awhile.
“4x2 is equal to?” he asked slowly.
“Six,” she replied confidently.
“Good! That seems your Math is quite first-rate,” he said smilingly. The other girls burst out laughing. She looked at her class mates in surprise. That made them laugh harder.
She was thoroughly dependant on her calculator. She had no hope of good marks in Math so she didn’t even try to practice of it.
To cut a long story short, she was forced (physically) to practice Math because according to her parents, “Laaton kay bhoot, baton say nahin maantay.”
From then on she always had a Math book and a fat register in her hand. Once she was busy doing Math, when her friend spoke out:
“Huzaifa’s Math is like the Math of a kid of K.G.”
She was very upset. From that day on she practiced harder to achieve her goal in Math and to prove to the selfish world that she was not less than anyone. When she gave her first-term exams in school, she stunningly got 91% in Math (there must be 100% marks in Math but for her that was a very good result).
And then she never lost even a single number in her Math tests. Her friends asked her, “How did you suddenly become so good in Math?”
“Practice makes a man perfect,” she always answered with an enchanting smile.
Dear readers! Always remember that our Allah Almighty has blessed us with countless skills, we just need to polish them and for polishing them, we must practice. Only then can we overcome any problems coming in our way and become accomplished in performing it.
Well! Nowadays that girl has become a bit over-confident due to which she has reduced her practice.
May Allah bless her with excellent marks and never let her become proud (as she tends to become snooty very quickly).
Say Aameen please!