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Selected by: Noor Khan

Once a certain man presented a gift of five hundred Dirhams to Sheikh Junaid of Baghdad and requested that the amount should be distributed among the Sheikh’s students and disciples. The Sheikh said to him, “Do you possess any more Dirhams?” The man said that he had a lot of Dinaars in his possession. The Sheikh said, “Do you wish for increase in your wealth or, are you content with what you possess?” The man said that he desired an increase in his property. The Sheikh said, “Then your need is greater than ours, for, we do not wish for an increase in what we possess in the world.” Saying this, the Sheikh declined to accept the gift and gave the money back to him.

Once, Abu Dardaa رضی اللہ عنہ was sitting in the company of his students when his wife came and said to him, “You are sitting here with your students and we haven’t even a pinch of flour left with us in the house.” Abu Dardaa رضی اللہ عنہ said to her, “Good lady, before us there is a valley hard to travel and only such people can traverse it successfully who travel light.” Hearing this, his wife went away, satisfied with the reply, and did not complain any more about her needs.
Abu Darda رضی اللہ عنہ once said, “We have food and the rich also have food; we wear clothes and the rich also wear clothes. The rich people possess wealth, which exceeds their requirements, and they just see it without using it. We can also look at wealth (possessed by others) without using it. We are equal in this respect, but the rich will be required to render an account on the Day of Resurrection for holding extra wealth in their possession. We are free from reckoning for, we have nothing in our possession.”
He also said, on another occasion, “Our Brothers (in Islam) do not treat us fairly; they love us for the sake of Allah, but they keep away from us in the world. A day is coming soon, when they will wish they had been like ourselves, but we shall not feel remorse for being unlike them.”